Healing Trauma & Revising Inner Stories

Deep inside our bodies and minds are wordless stories about who we are and how we came to be this way. This presentation explores how to work with these stories if they have been distorted by emotional trauma.

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Deep inside us are wordless stories about who we are and how we came to be this way. There are similar stories about the people and experiences that have impacted us. These stories live in our bodies and emotions, as well as in our minds and beliefs. Sometimes we are conscious of them, but often we are not. They form our deep, unspoken truth.

Trauma changes and distorts these inner stories. As a result, we act in ways that retraumatise ourselves, and perhaps others too. We are typically unaware of this dynamic.

To heal from trauma, we must revise the trauma-based stories, and also forge new ones. This is a not a one-off exercise; rather, it requires revision after revision. With each revision, our truth evolves to become increasingly layered, nuanced, and valid.

Revising inner stories means adding both depth and breadth. 

Adding depth involves descending into our unconscious to connect to the stories which are held there. 

Adding breadth involves crafting new types of stories. I find it helpful to distinguish seven story-types, each of which addresses one of the following themes: wounding, impact, blame, responsibility, self-traumatisation, self-compassion, and compassion.

In this presentation, we’ll explore these story-types and I’ll describe how each of them contributes to healing trauma, as well as how they connect to one another.

I’ll also describe how adding breadth to inner stories complements adding depth, and outline how these two forms of revision come together to create wellbeing.

Date & Time

The live webinar will be recorded. Everybody who buys a ticket will be e-mailed a link to the recording, which will be available to view for the following 4 weeks.

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The goal of this presentation:

This presentation aims to contribute to the healing of emotional trauma.  

Thinking about inner stories doesn’t only provide a picture of the path we must tread, it also offers guidance and inspiration.

Is this presentation right for you?

This presentation is open to anybody with an interest in emotional trauma and its healing.

My presentations are intended to be educational, rather than therapeutic.

Certificate of Attendance

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