Webinars & Talks

What to expect from my presentations:

I have been researching emotional suffering, its healing and emotional well-being for over 25 years, and in my presentations I share what I have learned.

My presentations are informed by academic research and personal experience.

They are open to anybody with an interest in psychological dynamics and how they impact behaviour. I work hard to communicate in ways that are engaging, clear and compassionate.

I’ve delivered keynote presentations at conferences hosted by The Royal College of Psychiatry, The Compassionate Mind Foundation, and Pacifica Graduate Institute.  I have also spoken at The Royal Society of Arts, a number of Jungian groups, the Bowlby Center and the Tavistock Clinic.


Self-Hosted Webinars

I have recently started to host my own webinars.

These are delivered live by zoom, and recorded for later viewing.

To get advanced notice of my self-hosted webinars, priority booking and discounted tickets join my mailing list.

As well as hosting the webinars listed below for my own community, I can deliver them to your community.

If you are interested in exploring that possibility, then please contact me by clicking here.

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Healing Trauma & Revising Inner Stories

Deep inside our bodies and minds are wordless stories about who we are and how we came to be this way. This presentation explores how to work with these stories if they have been distorted by emotional trauma.

The live webinar will be recorded. Everybody who buys a ticket will be e-mailed a link to the recording, which will be available to view for the following 4 weeks.

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Maternal Hostility as Nature’s Shadow

This presentation aims to foster a layered and compassionate understanding of hostile
and/or ambivalent mothers by drawing on recent research in evolution & anthropology.

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The Archetypal Death Parent as Toxic Shame

This presentation aims to bring greater consciousness to the suffering created
when The Archetypal Death Parent is internalised as toxic shame by drawing on
archetypal images, mythology, evolution, psychology, & lived experience.

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Toxic Shame and Spirals of Suffering

This presentation aims to create greater awareness to toxic shame & the suffering it creates by drawing on evolution, anthropology, psychology & lived experience.

Upcoming Webinars Hosted by Others

Understanding the Hostile Mother & Her Shame

Insights from evolutionary science, anthropology, forensic psychology and the myth of Medea.

Presenters: Dr. Daniela Sieff and Dr Brooke Laufer

Modern Western cultures have eulogised the ideal that mothers evolved to love and protect all their children instinctively and automatically, and that neglectful, hostile or infanticidal feelings and behaviour in mothers are unnatural and perhaps pathological.

Modern mothers naturally internalise these cultural beliefs, so they tend to experience deep shame whenever they feel hostility towards their children. Tragically and ironically, this maternal shame makes it even more likely that they will act out their hostility.

A Selection of Past Talks by Subject

Emotional Trauma and its Healing

  • Public Lecture, Royal Society of Arts, London
  • Plenary Lecture, Pacifica Graduate Institute, California, USA
  • The Embodiment Conference, On-line

The Dynamics of Toxic Shame

  • CG Jung Public Lectures, Bristol, UK.
  •  Irish Association of Jungian Analysts

Maternal Negativity, Child Maltreatment & Early Relational Trauma

  • Keynote address, Royal College of Psychiatry, UK
  • Keynote address Compassionate Mind Foundation (upcoming)
  • Clinical Forum, The Bowlby Center, London, UK
  • Scientific Meeting, Tavistock and Portman Trust, Tavistock Clinic, London, UK.
  • CONFER CPD module: on the ‘Application of attachment theory to psychotherapy’. 
  • NScience – International professional development and training for therapists

The Archetypal Death Mother / Death Parent

  • Public Lecture, C.G. Jung Club, London, UK.
  • C.G Jung Public Lectures, Bristol, UK.
  • Cambridge Jungian Circle.
  • CG Jung Public Lectures, Bristol, UK
  • Irish association of Jungian analysts

How to Understand and Heal Emotional Trauma

Public Lecture, Royal Society of Arts (RSA), London.

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